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      【New Journey for Tianma】Wuhan G6 OLED production line has officially begun mass-production

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      On June 8th, Tianma held a ceremony commemorating the launch of Wuhan’s G6 OLED production line with the theme of “Tianma OLED New Journey”. Tianma’s Chen Hongliang, chairman of the company, announced that Tianma Wuhan G6 OLED production line has been officially begun mass-production and shipments to major brand customers! This indicates that Tianma's OLED core technology and mass production capability have reached the top echelon of global display suppliers and become the representative of "China's intellectual creation" and "China's innovation"!

      Cheng Yongwen, Director of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee, Xu Honglan, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Xia Yamin and Cheng Baoguo, Vice Mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government, Deputy Director of Management Committee of Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Li Shouwen, Deputy Director of Comprehensive Bonded Zone and heads of relevant departments in East Lake New Technology Development Zone, representatives from Xiamen Jinyuan, Hubei Science Investment and Wuhan Hi-Tech, customer representatives from Huawei, Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo, Smaritsan, supplier representatives, financial institutions, CDB and other governments plus hundreds of guests from industry, investment institutions, suppliers, customers and the media witnessed an important milestone in the advancement of China's display industry and technology. Tianma Chairman Chen Hongliang and President Sun Yongmao attended the ceremony with the company's senior management team.

      At the ceremony the company’s executive vice president made the first batch report on the production of the Wuhan’s G6 OLED production line, and reviewed the progress of construction, lighting ad mass production processes of the OLED production line.

      In her speech Xu Honglan, deputy mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government, expressed her congratulations on the successful mass production of Tianma G6 OLED Phase I and hoped that the second phase of the project could be completed and put into production as soon as possible. She said that Wuhan City and Donghu Development Zone would continue to support Tianma in Wuhan to become stronger and bigger!

      Chairman Chen Hongliang expressed his appreciation to the leaders and guests attending the ceremony. He said the important reason that Tianma was able to make today's achievements is due to the support of the government, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, media and other sectors. Another key reason is due to the hard work of the Tianma team. In the future, Tianma will create greater value for society based on our accumulated capabilities and advantages over the past 35 years.

      I his speech, Zhang Feng, vice president of Xiaomi Technology, expressed his appreciation to the excellent suppliers, as represented by Tianma. He suggested that the industry would take OLED technology as the mainstream development direction in the future. With the development concept of “Innovation Leading”, Tianma will develop and become a display component brand that customers trust and will lead the development of the display industry.

      Ding Xiaohui, vice president of the Lenovo Group, expressed his congratulations on Tianma's breakthroughs and achievements in OLED technology and products. He said that as one of Lenovo's core strategic suppliers, based on their technology, products and quality, Tianma was a leading benchmark enterprise in the display industry. He hoped that Lenovo would work tirelessly with Tianma in the development of new cutting edge display technologies to provide the best display technology and experience for users all over the world. In addition, Ding Xiaohui also revealed that the upcoming Lenovo Motorola third-generation modular mobile phone would use the 6.01 inch product of Tianma G6 OLED.

      Tianma OLED is following the trend

      In the future, the display will be everywhere. From the era of CRT, to the era of liquid crystal display, then to the era of flexible displays,  in the future display technology w continue to adapt and change to enhance the visual experience of users with new applications and forms. OLED has many unique technical advantages such as high contrast, excellent color performance, ultra-fast response, ultra-thin, low temperature resistance, ultra-low power consumption, etc. Moreover, it is suitable for flexible, transparent and other new application forms, which enables it to become the mainstream development direction for the next generation of display technology.

      According to IHS data, the OLED panel market for mobile smart terminals increased from US$13.6 billion in 2016 to US$20.5 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach US$47.5 billion in 2021. The compound growth rate will reach 24%.  OLED  displays have broad application prospects in the smart terminal market in applications such as high-end smart phones and wearable devices.

      The Tianma G6 OLED production line uses LTPS substrate and has complete core process capability such as OLED evaporation and packaging. It can support the production from rigid OLED to flexible OLED, which can be used for providing high-quality OLED display products  for mobile smart terminal products such as smart phones and tablet PCs, emerging market products such as VR and AR, smart wearable, foldable devices and etc.

      Tianma’s G6 OLED production line will mass produce 6.01-inch 18:9 OLED full-screen displays with a resolution of 2160x1080, that can be widely used in smart phones.

      Tianma is showing its innovation ability 

      As a representative of the national competitiveness of China's display industry, Tianma has never wavered  from their focus and pursuit of innovation. Driven by technology and market requirements, Tianma has experienced over 30 years of accumulated development of display technologies and become an important builder of the new global display panel system. With the development concept of “Innovation Leading”, Tianma has taken the lead in developing new display technologies such as LTPS and OLED in China. At present, the company's technical level and mass production capacity are in a leading position in China.

      In order to welcome the arrival of the OLED era, in 2010 Tianma invested in the first G4.5 OLED test line in Shanghai. After years of exploration, the company successfully mastered key technologies and processes. Based on the experience of the G4.5 OLED test line, in 2013, Tianma re-invested in a G5.5 OLED mass production line, which has been mass-producing OLED displays and shipping them to major mobile smart terminal brand customers since 2015.

      On June 1, 2018 Tianma and Wuhan’s Municipal Government signed the "Cooperation Agreement on the 6th Generation LTPS AMOLED Production Line Phase II Project (Wuhan)", which plans to increase investment of 14.5 billion yuan to expand the production capacity of the G6 LTPS AMOLED production line. After the second phase of the project is completed and put into production, the first and second phases of the G6 LTPS AMOLED production line will achieve a production capacity of 37,500 flexible AMOLED display panels per month.

      LTPS technology, as the mainstream OLED backplane driving technology, has played a significant role in the evolution of display technology. As the leader in the domestic LTPS panel display industry, Tianma ranked first in global LTPS shipments in the fourth quarter of 2017. Tianma’s LTPS technology strength and mass production capabilities have been in the leading position in the industry, and have been fully recognized by mainstream clients all over the world. The processes of LTPS and OLED are very similar, leading to a strong synergistic effect. Therefore, OLED technology and LTPS technology will become the dual engine that drives high-end display applications. The display companies that master both these two technologies will occupy the lead in the industry.

      In the future, as Tianma's OLED production capacity release continues, Tianma will continue to develop and enhance their advantages in production line layout, technology research and development, and new market expansion. At the same time, with the company's global operation, flexible deployment of multiple lines and deepening delivery of flexible products, Tianma will greatly enhance and enrich the company's existing product line and increase the added value of products, which further enhances the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

      Tianma is helping China's display industry rise

      South Korea was the first to develop OLED capabilities and therefore the Korean manufacturers have a first-mover advantage in this field. At present, the technology and production capacity of global OLED display products has been mainly monopolized by Korean manufacturers. Therefore, for the Chinese display industry, the mass production of the Tianma G6 OLED production line has significant impact for the global OLED industry.

      From the perspective of display technology evolution, OLED, as the next-generation mainstream display technology, will become the main display technology for high-end mobile intelligent terminals, and will make way for additional new applications to promote the creative innovation of high-end smart terminals. OLED is  expected to become a key development in the display industry and a focus for the display industry will to concentrate further resources and development effort.

      As a national strategy, the technological breakthrough of OLED is imperative. The mass production of Tianma G6 OLED production line will further enhance the total strength of China's strategic new display industry, thus improving China's independent innovation capability and localization capability in the high-end display industry to further advance China’s high-end display panel industry and achieve a quantum leap in OLED development! Tianma is not alone in their efforts to advance the recognition of China as an industrial power. We have thousands of enterprises fighting for this aim. In the future, Tianma hopes to work with more and more fighters to contribute to the rise of the great nation!

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