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      Announcement of Company Name Change for Three Overseas Subsidiaries

      Source: Time:2017-05-08 Hits:

      Tianma specializes in providing display solutions and efficient support services worldwide. Over more than 30 years, Tianma has achieved groundbreaking development with the support of our partners.

      In consideration of our global business development, Tianma will promote unified brand strategy. In the meanwhile, we have initiated efforts to standardize company names and logos for 3 overseas subsidiaries.

      There are 3 overseas subsidiaries are involved: NLT Technologies, Ltd. will change to Tianma Japan, Ltd. (Abbreviation: TMJ); TIANMA NLT USA, INC. will change to Tianma America, Inc. (Abbreviation: TMA); TIANMA NLT Europe GmbH will change to Tianma Europe GmbH (Abbreviation: TME). We expected the alternation of overseas subsidiaries’ name could be finished in July this year and be officially applied worldwide.

      After the alternation of company name, TMJ, TMA and TME will use unified Tianma logo, and the original NLT logo will no longer be used. (TNA and TNE’s previous Logo will no longer be used as well)

      Over the years, Tianma has considered Japan, U.S. and Europe as significant overseas markets. In recent years, Tianma has expanded customer resources through TMJ, TMA and TME, and built good business relationship with many excellent partners and have a deep operation with them in the area of smart phone, tablets PC, smart wear, automotive instrumentation, industrial and medical instrumentation, avionic display, home automation, etc.

      The project will not change the current business pattern, customer group or supply chain system. The current TM and NL production line will continue to operate as before and provide best-in-class display products and solutions according to various customer demands consistently.

      Apart from producing and selling NL product, TMJ is also responsible for selling and supporting TM product series in the Japan market. TMA and TME will continue to promote, sell and support TM and NL product series.

      The name change project is viewed as a significant to improve the company’s global brand recognition and overall business integration It will better serve our customers and their various demands.

      After the unified brand strategy launched,Tianma will focus on small and medium size display industry as always, through our industrial bases and cooperate with our branches in Japan, the U.S., Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We will commit to providing leading techniques, products and superior service for global customers.


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