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      【Draw the Blueprint of Display Industry Together】Tianma Global Supplier Conference was Held in Wuhan

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      On June 8, 2018 Tianma held their “Innovation Leading” Global Supplier Conference in Wuhan, China. At the conference 255 partners from Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions gathered and met with 423 industry leaders to discuss a new blueprint for the display industry.

      Important business leaders attending the conference included: Chen Ping, the Executive Deputy Director of Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone Management Committee, the head of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Donghu High-tech Zone Management Committee and the head of the investment promotion of the eight parks, Chen Hongliang, Chairman of Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and Sun Yongmao, the President of Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

      In her speech Chen Ping reviewed the achievements made by Tianma in Optical Valley over the past ten years and congratulated Tianma on the successful mass-production of the G6 OLED production line. At the same time, Director Chen sent a sincere invitation to the participating suppliers welcoming everyone who had come to Wuhan Optical Valley for career development.

      Chairman Chen mentioned that future development of the display industry will bring new challenges, new opportunities and a need for more space for growth for Tianma and other suppliers. Under the guidance of the national “13th Five-Year Plan,” combined with the internal and external environment, Tianma formulated their 13th Five-Year Strategic Plan for “displays”. In accordance with this plan, Tianma achieved a series of accomplishments by attaining record high operating income, on-going improvements in profitability, and smooth launch of a new production line resulting in Tianma taking the leading position in the display industry. In addition, Chairman Chen expressed his expectations on the three aspects of “technical innovation, product leadership”, “quality assurance, brand pursuit” and “deep cooperation, mutual trust and win-win”. He said that Tianma will develop, cultivate, motivate and support their partners better understand the industry and professional capabilities, establish a good upstream and downstream ecosystem, and jointly provide integrated display solutions for customers.

      Li Yaqin, the general manager of Qunzhi Consulting,  a well-known technology industry information organization, shared with the guests the opportunities and challenges faced by the display industry in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. She mentioned that with the advent of the IoT era the demand for more intelligent terminals is exploding. With the sharp rise in the demand for displays there has been an increase in local customers which has brought greater business opportunities for the display industry. At the same time, problems such as tight material supply, process difficulties, and high cost brought by new technologies still need to be overcome. The turbulent market environment has brought many uncertain factors to the development of the industry.

      Sun Yongmao, the president of Tianma Micro-electronics, Peng Xuhui and Qu Guijin, the executive vice presidents, made reported about Tianma’s development planning, technology development trends and procurement planning and quality. They shared the amazing facts of Tianma with the guests and thought about the future of display.

      To thank our partners for providing competitive products and technical support, while guaranteeing delivery and making a positive contribution to Tianma’s market, the company recognized 36 suppliers who exhibited outstanding performance with awards for: Good Technology Cooperation Award, Quality Excellence Award, Full Screen Best Partner Award and Diamond Supplier Award.  


      In addition, a new display booth was set up at the venue to allow guests to get close to Tianma's latest technology products, such as the 6.16-inch HDR display that was recently awarded the "best in show" award from SID’s Display Week in May 2018.

      Also on display was a third-generation full-screen, 6.21-inch LTPS full screen display that has been widely discussed by customers and the public.

      China’s display industry is currently facing unprecedented growth opportunities. While maintaining their leadership position in the China display industry Tianma is also advancing toward the grand goal of becoming a leader in the global display industry. On the road to the future, Tianma will continue to cooperate with our partners to build a network of trust, support  and continued growth together to create a better, more fully connected, intelligent world.

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