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      Tianma Display Technology Commences Its 6th-Generation Flexible AMOLED Production Line Project

      Source: Time:2020-05-18 Hits:

      On May 18, 2020. Xiamen Tianma Display Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Tianma Display Technology","TM18") started its 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production line project.With an investment of RMB 48 billion, the project covers a total land area of about 1,500 mu (approximately equal to 247.1 acres), a construction area of about 1.26 million square meters, of which the total area of the clean process zone is about 600,000 square meters. It is currently the largest flexible AMOLED monomer factory in China.

      The new project will have an estimated design capacity of 48,000 flexible display substrates per month after production, boosting Tianma's flexible AMOLED production capacity to rank among the top three in the world. Based on the expanded AMOLED production capacity, the production line will introduce industry-leading innovative technologies, continuing to lead the market needs and flexible AMOLED technology trends.

      According to the plan, the production line features a number of current industry-leading technologies, among which, the HTD(Hybrid TFT Display) and CFOT(Color Filiter on TFE) can not only greatly improve the performance of smart devices with the foldable AMOLED display, but also considerably reduce their power consumption, which fits better in currently booming 5G application scenarios. With the popularization of 5G technology applications, as we all know, the high transmission rate and low latency performance of mobile smart terminals or IoT devices will be greatly improved, but the power consumption will also increase dramatically. The application of technologies such as HTD and CFOT can solve the power consumption problem and thus is expected to become the industry standard.

      Tianma Display Technology's 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production line will further enhance Tianma's market position in small and medium-sized high-end displays (especially in the AMOLED field), helping the company seize emerging opportunities in rapid development of the AMOLED industry and accelerate the realization of its strategic goal of being a leading company in the global display field.

      So far, Tianma has a series of industrial bases in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xiamen, Chengdu and Japan, with total assets exceeding RMB 65 billion. After the project is completed, it will further enhance Tianma's core competitiveness and help achieve the hundred-billion-level industrial layout.

      As a top-ranking company in the display field, Tianma has always maintained its global leading position in various market segments such as LTPS smartphones, full-screen display solutions, automotive displays, high-end medical devices, marine, smart home and VoIP. The construction of the 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production line will bring Tianma stronger momentum in applications such as smart city, smart home, smart factory, smart medical treatment and Internet of vehicles.

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